Winners of MasterChef: The Story After!


The brainchild of popular English TV Producer Franc Roddam, the MasterChef Television Mania has gone one to become a rage in over 40 countries across the world. From culinary lovers to TV buffs and wannabe chefs, everyone’s been glued to their TV sets for the entirety of the MasterChef Seasons, particularly, the MasterChef Series of the United States and Australia, that surpassed the TRPs of the UK version and other host country versions as well. Winning a MasterChef title has indeed been a matter of great pride, and the ardent fans of this reality show will definitely want to know where some of the winners are now. So let’s take a look!

Brent Owens and Emma Deans

Brent Owens Masterchef Winner 2014

Brent Owens MC-Australia 2014

Concluded in July 2014, the MasterChef Australia Season 6 was bagged by Brent Owens, a title that Emma Deans had won in September 2013. While Emma had to face a really tough competition from Samira Khafir and Lynton Tapp, Bren was involved in a hair-raising climax with Laura Cassai in the grand finale that aired on the 28th of July in 2014. Surprisingly, Brent was a Skidsteer Driver and Football Player prior to being coaxed by his high-school sweetheart to enrol for the reality show. Winning the title of MasterChef has indeed turned the world around for him, he has actually been magnanimous enough to share his prize money with fellow contestant Emilia Jackson. Much to the disappointment of Australian Restaurant Lovers, Brent Owens is turning his focus on the ready meals business as opposed to fine dining. On the other hand, Emma Deans was a born foodie and has written ‘A Homegrown Table’, a brilliant cookbook that reflects her Victorian upbringing and undying love for food.

Jennifer Behm

Jennifer Behm Winner US 2011

Jennifer Behm MC-US 2011

Probably no other MasterChef US Contestant has garnered the kind of mass popularity that Jennifer Behm did by winning the much-coveted MasterChef US Title in 2011, almost 10 years after she had taken part in the Miss USA beauty pageant. Jennifer has gone on to establish her own catering business, and much to the delight of her ardent admirers, her catering company, ‘The Pink Martini’ is doing extremely well in Wilmington. She has also endorsed the popular cooking appliance brand ‘Sous Vide’ and has been the judge of a number of cookery contests across several states. The kind of adulation she’s receiving even today has left her overwhelmed, and it’s something that she had never imagined when she was crowned Miss Delaware, way back in 2000.

Whitney Miller

Whitney Miller Season 1 Winner

Whitney Miller Season 1 US

Whitney Miller has gone down in history to be the first-ever winner of the US MasterChef Title in 2010. Born in Mississippi, Whitney specialized in Southern Cooking and Desserts since her early years, and always aspired to be great chef. Her wish came true when the MaterChef series was launched in 2010, and became an instant hit with the American audience. Whitney Miller became a household name, and went on to publish her famous cookbook, ‘Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm’. With her prize money, she has made several valuable contributions to charitable foundations in different parts of the world. Despite having travelled the world, Whitney considers her role model to be her grandmother who taught her how to bring comfort and solace to people with food.

Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw 2010 Australia

Adam Liaw 2010 MC-Australia

The MasterChef Australia Season 2 that was held from April to June 2010 had a viewership of over 5 million, and was won by Adam Liaw. The popularity of the show, particularly towards the final episodes was so high that there were talks about shifting its timings slot to focus on the ongoing Australian elections! A lawyer by profession, Adam was drawn into the world of cooking by father’s mother. This winner of possibly the most-watched season of MasterChef, is an Australian National but has Malaysian and Chinese Parents. His famous Asian cookbook, ‘Two Asian Cookbooks’ has won rave reviews for its outstanding recipes. Liaw has thereon been associated with his own television show known as ‘Destination Flavour’ and is also considering the opening of a chain of ‘Izakaya Restaurants’, that are authentic Japanese casual drink-and-dine places.

Andy Allens

Andy Allens Australia S04 Winner

Andy Allens MC-Australia S04

Despite being hosted in a number of exotic destinations like Italy, Tasmania and Kangaroo Island, the fourth season of MasterChef Australia witnessed a decline in its viewership for some reason. Nevertheless, its winner Andy Allan is a popular face in Australia today. To the surprise of the viewers, Andy was an electrician prior to his phenomenal victory in MasterChef. He has also been in the limelight recently, for his relationship with Puberty Blues Star, Charlotte Best. As part of his cookbook contract, Andy has written the bestselling cookbook, ‘The Next Element’ which features his favourite recipes as well as important cooking tips for health enthusiasts. From what we’ve heard, he’s looking at co-founding a chain of restaurants in Mexico!

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