Recipes For Any Occasion – Send In Your Entries

Recipes For Any Occasion

Ever had to throw an impromptu party? How about deciding the menu for your brother’s last minute engagement celebration? These and many more occasions warrant something special made for family and guests but quite often we fall back on tried and tested recipes. Now that is not a bad thing at all but in the larger context, trying new recipes for such specific occasions is actually more rewarding because events such as engagement parties, success celebrations warrant the consumption of alcohol more than other events, meaning your guests won’t be too judgmental of your cookery skills!

The criteria for this competition will be laid out further below but first here’s what we expect from our winning entry.

First, it must be inspiring and you need to tell us the ideal occasion for the recipes. Note that we used the plural form “RECIPES” here. The winning entry must be a combination of recipes. We don’t mind if all of them are snacks and appetizers but there must be multiple recipes included in each entry, which together ought to make sense or at the very least sound tempting.

Second, there must be equal amount of excitement generated within the no-meat community as is the case usually for non-vegetarians. I often hate attending parties where the only options are meat and….. more meat! Have a healthy splattering of vegetarian friendly recipes, please.

That’s it, with these few suggestions in mind here’s what you stand to win.

  1. A guest post on our website discussing in further detail about your entry and how you thought up the exact combination.
  2. A chance to have your name splattered across the internet corridors of cookery fame.
  3. The ability to boast to all your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Oh! And most importantly you stand to win a lawn mower from Top5LawnMowers, a site best known for accurate and most up-to-date lawn mower reviews.

Right, so the criteria for qualification are,

  • Each entry must have more than two recipes.
  • There must be at least 30% of the recipes dedicated to us veggies.
  • No obvious recipes please (although you may add an obvious recipe if it has a twist in the end result!)
  • Entries need to come in by 15th May 2015
  • Only one entry per person, this is not a lottery so your first entry will be regarded as your last.

Through the course of this month, we will be splashing across the Occasions Competition category individual entries worthy of a mention and consider them as the finalists who get picked for the draw for the winning entry on 30th May 2015.

It’s time to start cooking up new exciting recipes!

From Top5LawnMowers:

We are glad to be the main sponsors of “Recipes For Any Occasion”. Winners (yes plural!) stand a chance to win a highly touted lawn mower from our collection of self-propelled mowers.

Our goal at is to offer honest and realistic reviews of every gardening equipment so that our readers make informed and safe decisions with their purchases. Landscaping and doing it right is our main objective.

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